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Employer Terms

Employer Terms R Job Network LTD, Trading as REngineeringJobs.com

1.0 - Definitions
2.0 - General
3.0 - Clients Responsibilities
4.0 - Responsibilities
5.0 - CV Services
6.0 - Disclaimer
7.0 - Payment Terms and Conditions
8.0 - Governing Law and Jurisdiction
9.0 – Third Party CV Providers

1.0 - Definitions

1.1 Advertisement.
Any advertising material or image supplied by a client for display on the www.REngineeringJobs.com web site.

1.2 Client.
The person(s), company or business to whom the services are provided to.

1.3 End Client.
The person(s), company or business to whom the Client(s) services are provided.

1.4 Member.   
The person who submitted their CV or registration to www.REngineeringJobs.com and whose details are set out within the CV.

1.5 Principal.
www.REngineeringJobs.com main Client

2.0 - General

By registering or submitting details to www.REngineeringJobs.com (both client and member) I hereby state that I have read www.REngineeringJobs.com terms and conditions and agree with the rules set out governing the use of the www.REngineeringJobs.com site.

Any alterations, or variations to these terms and conditions must be confirmed in writing by www.REngineeringJobs.com. and shall be ineffective unless and until so confirmed.

www.REngineeringJobs.com may at its discretion report any contravention, by the Client, of the Data Protection Acts, 1984 and 1998 or any improper use of the site to the Department of Employment, the Data Protection Registrar, the Association of On-line Recruiters and the REC & The IOC or any other authority it sees as fit and proper.

3.0 - Clients Responsibilities

The Client enters into the Contract as the principal, notwithstanding that the Client may be an Advertising Agent or an Agency ultimately acting as Agent for an end client and as principal, warrants that it is authorised by the end client to place advertisements.

The Client shall comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Acts, 1984 and 1998 in relation to all www.REngineeringJobs.com member's details.

It is the Clients responsibility to take up references and to satisfy itself regarding the accuracy, availability, suitability, integrity and reliability of all members whose CV's are provided by www.REngineeringJobs.com
All and any subsequent dealings between the Client and any member are the responsibility of the Client.

The Client shall obtain permission from the member prior to submitting their CV to any Client.

Due to the sensitive nature of information contained in a members CV., the Client shall not transmit or distribute any CV or other information received from www.REngineeringJobs.com to any person(s), company or business other than for the purpose of finding employment for those members as set out in these terms and conditions.

The client undertakes not to pass on any log in details to any third party unless agreed in writing with REngineeringJobs.com

4.0 - www.REngineeringJobs.com Responsibilities

www.REngineeringJobs.com will host advertisements supplied by the Client on its web site, in the form and format agreed and for the fees set out in the contract.

4.2 Advertisements
The client shall provide www.REngineeringJobs.com advertisements in the format set out in the contract.

Lineage advertisements will be sent out, via-jobs-by-email, to www.REngineeringJobs.com members matching the vacancy requirements once every 28 days unless otherwise agreed by REngineeringJobs.com.

Lineage advertisements will remain live on the site for 28 days or the agreed paid for period.

www.REngineeringJobs.com aims to resolve all clients' queries within 24 hours or we will give the client two free lineage advertisements. Offer only open to existing clients. Offer can not run in conjunction with any other offer or special promotion. Queries must be received by e-mail or telephone between 9.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.  REngineeringJobs.com reserves the right to refuse any claim.

Lineage advertisements must not contain a reference to a client’s web site, Phone number or email address unless agreed by REngineeringJobs.com in writing

Lineage advertisements may only contain details of one vacancy.

REngineeringJobs.com cannot guarantee the number of impressions a Job advertisement or any other branding material including banners, logos, Emails will receive.

Banner advertisements must be supplied in the agreed format, set out in the contract. Any additional work needed to artwork will be charged at 50 pounds per hour.

For an agreed fee REngineeringJobs.com will undertake electronic artwork for client banners, display advertisements and corporate pages.

The availability of banner space throughout the site is not guaranteed, and is entirely at the discretion of  REngineeringJobs.com

Display advertisements normally only contain details of one job vacancy, each additional vacancy displayed will be charged at the rate set out in the contract.

Clients may cancel any REngineeringJobs.com service in writing. Any cancelled services by clients will be charged at the full rate as set out in the contract for services unless otherwise agreed in writing by REngineeringJobs.com

REngineeringJobs.com has the right and sole discretion to decline, amend or suspend any advertisement received.

5.0 - CV Services

REngineeringJobs.com will make members CV available to clients, who have selected and paid for the CV search service, for the purposes of online CV searches. The service is subject to any instruction from members with regards to the availability of their details.

CVs are only made available to agencies and employers for the purpose of securing suitable employment.  REngineeringJobs.com makes no guarantee whatsoever to the availability of members.

REngineeringJobs.com cannot guarantee the number of CVs available on the database on any given day or for in what location or industry.

When applying for a role in the first instance, the CV used will be uploaded to the RengineeringJobs.com database and will be made available to agencies and employers.

REngineeringJobs.com does not allow any third party technology such as harvesting or scraping tools to access the CV Search facility unless agreed in writing, any such breach will incur a cost of £10 per CV accessed or downloaded

Access to REngineeringJobs.com is given on the express understanding that the terms contained within the Employer Terms are agreed upon each log-in

Any Company or Person found to be using third party log-in details supplied directly or indirectly without the consent of REngineeringJobs.com will be subject to potential prosecution for theft, fraud and computer misuse act and will be invoiced the fee of £20,000 + VAT plus £10 for each CV downloaded or obtained.

Any Client or Person who has knowingly supplied access to a third party and none paid client to access the CV Search facility without consent from REngineeringJobs.com will be subject to a further charge of £50,000 + VAT on top of any other monies already paid plus the client agrees to cover any and all legal costs in the recovery of any such data obtained by the third party and agree to indemnify REngineeringJobs.com in further legal action taken against such party or claim made resulting in such actions.

6.0 - Disclaimer

No liability will be accepted by REngineeringJobs.com in connection with any web site controlled by a third party that may be accessed from this web site.  REngineeringJobs.com does not endorse or authorise the contents of any such site.

Any material downloaded or otherwise accessed through the use of this web site is obtained entirely at the user's own risk and that the user will be entirely responsible for any resulting damage to software or computer systems and/or any resulting loss of data even if REngineeringJobs.com has been advised of the possibility of such damage.

Responsibility for the contents of job adverts submitted to REngineeringJobs.com rests solely with the Advertiser. In displaying any such adverts REngineeringJobs.com do not accept any responsibility for ensuring that material submitted is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. The Advertiser agrees to accept full responsibility and indemnify REngineeringJobs.com or its partners against any legal action resulting in any potential breach of law.

REngineeringJobs.com disclaims all warranties (express and implied), representations or assurances of any kind relating to the accuracy, content or fitness for any purpose of the information that appears on the web site.

REngineeringJobs.com reserve the right to withdraw, interrupt or restrict access to the website for any reason whatsoever.

In no circumstances will REngineeringJobs.com be liable, in contract, tort, (including negligence or breach of statutory duty) or otherwise howsoever and whatever the cause thereof, (i) for any increased costs or expenses, (ii) for any loss of profit, business, contracts, revenues, or anticipated savings, or (iii) for any special, indirect or consequential damage of any nature whatsoever from use of the website

7.0 - Payment Terms and Conditions

Payment is due within 14 days of the invoice. In the case of late payment interest will accrue day to day at the rate of 8% above the official dealing rate of the Bank of England in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial (Interest) Act 1998.

All rates quoted are exclusive of Value Added Tax which shall be added at the applicable rate.

If payment has not been received under the agreed terms the account will be put into suspension and access will not be granted until the payment has cleared, any suspension includes any dates the products or services were obtained or purchased to use and can not be added or extended onto any such agreement signed.

The Client accepts that once the agreement is signed the contract is binding and shall remain in force for the duration and cost set within the service agreement unless otherwise agreed in writing from the Managing Director of REngineeringJobs.Com

8.0 - Governing Law and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of its courts.

9.0 – Third Party Registrations

Third party registrations provided by services such as CV Distribution services or other such services where the Job Seeker Registration is created by someone other than the owner of such details does so with the express authority of the person being registered.  Any such registration is regarded as accepted responsibility from the company or agent who provides the registrations and indemnifies REngineeringJobs.com of any legal action resulting from the submission of such details.

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