Electrical engineering can really be broken down into a number of areas, electricity, electronics and electromagnetism each being and having a integral part.

Electricity and as so electrical engineering first came to prominence in the early 17th century William Gilbert who designed the versorium and was noted as the first after the devise he created was able to detect static within objects.

In the 1775 the forerunner to the current and modern battery was created by Alessandro Volta who also created a device that created electricity known as the electrophorus.  

The industry has grown since it became a conmen area of potential employment, only in 1882 did electrical engineering start and was offered as a choice of study for students with the Darmstadt university of technology being the first educational institute to offer such learning.

Nearly all of today’s modern communications including our own engineering jobs board have been created due to some of the early pioneers such as Marconi, Tesla and Spenser,

You only have to look at things we use on a daily basis such as computers, the sat nav in your car, the TV or radio you listen to, to understand that without the discovery and developments made by electrical engineers then much of today’s society would simple not be as widely educated and developed as it is today.

Most of today’s engineers have taken the steps to become engineers by furthering their education with most having obtained some form of further qualification such as Bachelor/Master of engineering or applied science a doctorate or engineering management or simply a degree in electrical engineering there are now over 130 aspects and further qualifications within this field.

Today’s electrical employers look for workers in a number of growing industries such as, power engineering, Telecoms engineering, Computer engineering with nearly each and every worldwide industry advertising electrical engineering jobs

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