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Civil Engineer (Designer) - KSA - Jeddah Expiring soon Paid Listing


Neuvo Saudi Arabia


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

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Permanent | Full Time

About the Job

Civil Hydrology engineers who apply scientific information about the properties, distribution and circulation of water in particular locations to real-world problems, such as how to supply water to a city, treat wastewater, prevent the spread of pollution, redirect rivers and safeguard coastal areas. They may also be involved in dam construction and maintenance, flood mitigation and urban drainage.

  • Designing and overseeing projects including dams, waterways, beaches and waste systems
  • Monitoring and repairing hydraulic equipment such as turbines, tanks, conduits, pumps and pressure valves
  • Using computer technology to calculate flow statistics
  • Overseeing other types of engineers related to specific hydraulic projects.
  • Civil Hydraulics engineer studies the effect of water as well as its uses based on the sources. They perform researches to further enhance our understanding on the different behaviour of water and its impact on our daily lives. Also, they design and supervise the construction of projects that can be used to harness water as a form of energy.
  • They are responsible in designing and providing supervision and guidance in the development of different projects that will be used to maintain a city’s water supply as well as fixing the drainage system to prevent floods and other water-related accidents from happening.
  • Ensures that the completed projects will withstand wear and tear by performing maintenance and research work. They will need to establish or improve on a design based on the properties of the body of water that needs to be controlled.
  • Identifies the right materials that are needed to be used in the construction of a facility that would control water behaviour. This includes equipment such as pumps, pipes, conduits and turbines.
  • job requirements

    More than 7 years

    Bachelor's Degree at least

    Engineering Services Recruitment and Staffing

    Job Roles: Job Requirements
  • Only designer Civil Engineers are welcome to apply.
  • At least 7 years experience as either Civil Hydrology engineer or Civil Hydraulics engineer.
  • Knowledge of Cutting edge software to test and implement water management strategies. Or similar software (Sewer Gems - Storm CAD - WMS - HEC-Ras - HEC-HMS - HY-8 - Civil 3D - Global Mapper)
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